The Democrat Party’s protected victim classes

Rush Limbaugh explained on yesterday’s show how the Democrat Party creates victims out of various Americans and that it is a tremendous disservice to those who are self-victimized. No one victimizes you. You do it to yourself. And in doing so, you, the victim, acquiesce yourself to a lifetime of anger and mediocrity.

Look how easy the Democrat Party has made almost half this country think they’re victims of something.

And what happens to you when you’re a victim? Well, when you’re a victim, you automatically have a built-in excuse for failure. When you are a victim, it’s always somebody else’s fault. When you’re a victim, success is not possible. When you are a victim of something, you are acknowledging that you are as far as you’re gonna get, and you can’t get any further, because there are more powerful forces arrayed against you than the force of yourself against it.

And the Democrat Party does this on purpose. The Democrat Party makes as many people victims as possible because it freezes them right where they are. And that’s usually in lower middle class or abject poverty. It makes them resentful. If you’re a victim, you’re not happy. You can’t be happy. It’s impossible to be happy. It’s even difficult to be content. If you’re a victim, you’re always mad, but never at yourself. You’re mad at somebody else.

Rush continued beyond this with his victimhood monologue, but I have to cut it off somewhere. Here’s the link if you want to read the whole thing.

At any rate, the left has created several classifications of victims. And the list grows continually.

For example, if you’re a jihadist, you’re a victim of Islamophobia.

If you’re black, you’re a victim of racism and discrimination (typically by liberals themselves).

If you’re a woman, you’re a victim of misogyny.

If you’re a limp-wristed beta male, you’re also a victim of misogyny.

If you’re a gay BLT, you’re a victim of homophobia.

If you’re a transgender or one of the left’s 50 shades of gender, you’re part of a subgroup of the larger gay BLT victim class in which you’re a victim of not knowing which bathroom to use.

If you’re an illegal immigrant you’re a victim of xenophobia.

I think this covers the primary victim classes. I may have missed one or two. Of course, there are enumerable sub-groups within the larger victim classes. It gets very complicated. This is because the left tends to complicate things that aren’t actually complicated.

The next part, and this is where it gets really fun, is trying to nail down a hierarchy of who ranks ahead of who in terms of victimology. You see, sometimes there are clashes between victim groups. And ultimately, one group receives more sympathy than the other.

For example, a jihadist opened fire at a gay nightclub in Orlando last year, murdering several dozen clubgoers. We learned from that incident that jihadists are at the very top of the list of protected victim classes. I don’t know why this is. You would have to delve into the liberal psyche to come up with an answer, and that’s not a place I am willing to go. I’m just making observations here.

I’m not sure who ranks second on the list. It may be the 50 shades of gender, given the way the left is up in arms over the bathroom issue.

As for who’s third, it could be illegal immigrants. After that, it’s either the gay BLT’s or female victims of misogyny. But this is where it starts getting muddy.


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