Disconnected (1 Peter 3:12-15)

The disconnect in our marriages is a plague during the age in which we live. It’s also important for the members of the local church to get along with one another. We must learn to avoid being disconnected in the context of the local church.

We are to turn away from who we used to be. When you get saved you won’t be perfect, but you will be different. There will be a transformation in your heart that will result in a transformation in your lifestyle.

We have a Father in heaven who not only wants to hear our prayers, but who also wants to answer our prayers. He wants to fellowship with us. But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil, meaning God’s people who do evil even though they know better. God stands against us when we live unrighteously.

God is always looking after us, protecting us and blessing us. And he is not pleased when we live unrighteously.

1. Righteous living secures 5 major blessings in the life of a believer.

  • Presence of God. God is everywhere. His presence is with us. If you suffer, don’t let it be the result of foolish living, but do so for righteousness sake. We don’t want just the universal presence but His actual manifestation.
  • Power of God. You don’t get God’s power from coffee mug sayings. Why have we lost a generation of people from church? The church has largely lost its power. People are attracted to truth and authenticity.
  • Protection of God. It is given to those under the umbrella of God’s authority. When we get out from under God’s protective influence of authority, He is no longer under any obligation to protect us.
  • Provision of God. Seek God first. He is to be first. When He is first, all these things — the necessities of life — shall be added unto you. Instead of seeking stuff, we are to seek God. We love monthly provisions, but the Scripture says give us this day our daily bread. Everything we have is a gift from God. His provision is abundant.
  • Peace of God. If you don’t have peace with God, then repent and get right with God. There is also the peace of God that passes all understanding. There are some things in the Bible that are beyond explanation. The peace of God gives us hope and balance and stability and the tenacity to get up every day. We can have these things if we will only live righteously. God loves righteousness and hates evil.

The throne of your heart is not a two-seater. Someone is calling the shots in your life and it ought to be Jesus.

2. As we exalt Christ in our lives, people will be drawn to know what gives us such hope and confidence. At midnight, Paul and Silas sang songs of praise to God while in prison. And the guards heard them. God shook the entire place so that every door was opened. Despite this, none of the prisoners escaped. The Philippean jailer was amazed and asked what he must do to be saved.

What people need to hear from us is what God has done in our lives individually. We don’t have to be theologians. We just have to be able to explain how God has transformed us. Skeptics can argue with us theologically, but no one can deny what God has done for us. When we live righteously, others will take notice and hunger for what we have. Our hope and our confidence has to be solely fixed on Jesus Christ.


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