Quote du jour

What we see in the sky is real in the sense that history is real, but you can’t grasp on to it any more than you can hold a beam of light in your hand. Our night sky is like a home movie of what the universe looked like at some distant time in the past or, rather, what the universe looked like at various infinite points of time in the past. In this way the past and present exist simultaneously — some light reaches our eyes as the continuing vibrancy of a distant living source of energy, while some is remnant radiance of a long-dead celestial body. Our eyes don’t distinguish. We can never really know what the reality of the universe is at any given time, only what we perceive it to be based on our position within it, with life and death, light and darkness and our own understanding of time fabricating a relative sense of what is real. As small creatures of limited life spans, we are conscripted to incoherence, we are the wide-eyed children of an incomprehensible and sublime mystery. — Krista Schlyer, Almost Anywhere: Road Trip Ruminatins on Love, Nature, National Parks, and Nonsense


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