The Flying Ham

I have posted before on minimalist living and those who get rid all possessions except the barest of essentials and take up residence in tiny homes, renovated buses, vans, campers, etc. Some even go to the extreme of limiting their worldly possessions to fewer than 100 items that can fit inside a backpack. While I’m not considering shrinking my lifestyle to such an extent, the concept still fascinates me.

I was in a coffee shop some time ago — I always make a habit of perusing the bulletin boards in these places — in which I noticed an advertisement for a brand of trailer billed as The Flying Ham. You can rent one of these trailers from their website if you’re wanting one for travel. I’m not sure where you’d go to buy on, not that I’m looking to buy one (or even rent one). Still, at 16 feet long, The Flying Ham is fully sustainable, with a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, and limited storage.

Again, these are designed for travel, but there are some minimalists/naturalists who eschew worldliness and materialism and live in dwellings like The Flying Ham (or something even smaller, if you can imagine). At any rate, these things are indeed vintage. I wouldn’t mind dragging one around someday and visiting the great national parks out west.


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