Disconnected (1 Peter 3:16-17)

We are living in a day of technological advancement when we can contact literally anyone with the click of a button, but we are too often disconnected from each other in our own homes.

We are not believers in word only, but with our lives. There is only room for one master and Lord in our lives. When people see how we live our lives (in righteousness), they will be naturally drawn to us and we must be ready to give testament to our Savior.

Historically, these early Christians to whom Peter was writing were living in a time of tyranny and persecution. The world does not love us because we are part of another kingdom. We must have a good conscience toward those who speak evil of us, that they may be ashamed for falsely accusing those of us who live in Christ.

It is much better to suffer for righteousness sake than for doing evil.

1. The secret to a powerful and spiritually successful life is a clear conscience. You can be successful in the eyes of the world but be a failure in God’s eyes. We want Christ to someday tell us, “We’ll done, good and faithful servant.”

“A clear conscience is a daily Christmas.” — Benjamin Franklin

The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord. In other words, our clear conscience lights our way.

We have a Biblically justifiable right to ignore stupid people at church. We know this, because Jesus did it when the Pharisees brought an adulterer before Him in order to trap Him.

There are three different types of conscience that you can have:

  • Smeared — There is something wrong in your conscience that you haven’t confronted yet. It hasn’t gone too far yet, because it can still be realty with.
  • Seared — If you refuse to deal with your smeared conscience in the form of repentance, you will have a seared conscience. Something that bothered you in the past no longer bothers you.
  • Clear — In order to clear your conscience, you know where you have been wrong and you make it right with God and with anyone you have wronged. We tend to avoid things we don’t want to deal with, but we have to make restitution and be accountable in order to truly clear our conscience.

When God confronts you with your sin, you can ignore it to the point that it no longer bothers you or you can deal with it God’s way. Whichever you choose determines how far you will go with your walk with Christ.

People will eventually find out all about your life.

Another reason to have a clear conscience is so that when others accuse you, it is false.

2. Our testimonies must be so protected that others wouldn’t believe the evil said against us. Color-changing is great if you’re a chameleon, but not so good if you’re a Christian.

Your testimony is the most valuable thing that belongs to you. It is more valuable than your money or possessions. It take a long time to build a good testimony, but only a moment to destroy it.

It is better if God wills that you suffer falsely for doing well than for justifiably suffering for evil you have done.

3. The will of God is always better. The result may be hardship, but let hardship come for doing the will of God and not for doing evil. We make the will of God so confusing sometimes. The will of God is not hard to find. All you have to do is find a need and fill it. The will of God isn’t spooky. It should be part of our everyday lives.

You can fix what you hate. Your spiritual gift is typically the opposite of what you hate. For example, if you hate disorganization, your spiritual gift may be administration.

Let the Holy Spirit teach us to do God’s will.


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