Ridiculing #fakenews

Last week, CNN, the New York Times, and handful of other #fakenews organizations were denied entry to a White House briefing. Not long afterwards, President Trump announced that he was not going to attend the annual White House correspondents dinner.

President Trump was correct in both decisions.

First, #fakenews organizations like CNN and NYT have been correctly identified as enemies of the people. They don’t report the news. They fabricate #fakenews in order to malign the Trump administration and, in a larger scope, the United States of America. So why would you allow them into your press briefings if you know ahead of time they are going to treat you so treacherously?

Second, #fakenews has turned itself into a circus act. They are good for laughs, but are not to be taken seriously under any circumstances. So why on earth would you dignify the #fakenews circus act with your presence at the correspondents dinner? You don’t. It’s a charade where the press and POTUS trade barbs, and the press would’ve treated the President savagely, but he still would have owned them. He does pretty much every day.

The media masks are off. There is no longer even a pretense of objectivity in the mainstream press. That’s why we refer to them as #fakenews. They aren’t journalists, in the sense that they don’t report factual information. They aren’t even just Democrats anymore. They are every bit as radical as these fringe groups you see out rioting and destroying property and assaulting people. This is who they are. And when you do nothing but broadcast #fakenews, you get treated like #fakenews.


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