Notes on Revelation 16:17-17:10

We’ve been talking about the finality of the tribulation period. We believers will not be around for any of these things, but it is necessary to be prepared for Jesus’ return.

The final vial is being poured out. And a voice calls from heaven, “It is done.” Even though there have been other earthquakes within the tribulation period, there is one more cataclysmic earthquake.

The wrath of God does not makes sense without the holiness of God.

After the final battle, Christ sets up his thousand-year reign from heaven and earth will be restored to its original state as it was during the Garden of Eden.

Jesus is not one of many ways to get to heaven. He is the only way. (There is a difference between multi-denomination and multi-faith.) Multi-denomination is under the gospel. Multi-faith is an abomination.

This earthquake is such that the islands and mountains disappear. Enormous hailstones will fall upon men. Still, man will blaspheme God because of the hail. (How can someone know he is under the judgment of God and still shake his fist at God? There are no depths of the depravity of the heart of man apart from the gospel.)

In chapters 17 & 18 we get a picture of what the judgment looks like on Babylon specifically. In 17:1, Scripture mentions “the great whore.” This refers to the system of the world, which is guilty of spiritual fornication. The kingdoms of the world will be intoxicated by the power of this system.

Sometimes you get too close to a situation and God removes you from it so you can see it better.

Babylon comes from the original Babel. Both were filled with abomination.

The world will be filled with the wealth of the antichrist. That’s why there will be a one-world currency. He who controls the currency controls everything.

Prostitutes during this time in the Bible wore headbands. This explains the headband in 17:5 which identifies the harlot as the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.

In 17:6, the reference to the woman drunken with the blood of the saints refers to the Old Testament saints. The blood of the martyrs of Jesus, obviously, refers to New Testament saints.

The antichrist will receive a supposedly-mortal wound to the head and will undergo a false resurrection in which he comes back. He has only a short time, so he desires to convolute everonye’s mind and take as many souls to Hell with him as possible.

The only ones who are deceived by antichrist are those who are not saved. The Holy Spirit gives us the ability to recognize false prophets.

The 7 figurative heads in 17:9 are 7 mountains on which the authority sits. There is only one city in the world which sits on 7 mountains, and it is Rome. The antichrist will reign from the empire of Rome. There are likely two religions that will come together to form the one-world religion. There is one religion that has the wealth to fund a one-world religion, and one religion that possesses the brutality to carry it out: Catholicism and Islam.

There are 7 major nationalities that come together in 17:10. Five are former superpowers that have previously fallen. One of them is current (Rome). There is  one that is to come (antichrist).

God says to the world to build a kingdom as big as we want and as wicked as we want, because He still wins in the end and  Tears it all down.

God says that if what we have is manmade, then man can tear it all down. If what we have is God-made, then man cannot destroy it.


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