Thursday’s musings

I have a soft place in my heart for old baseball pitchers (4o or older). They aren’t throwing fastballs by anyone, so they have to rely on off-speed pitches, pinpoint control, generous strike zones, guile and deception, cloak and dagger. They are artists. They paint while they pitch. (I’m thinking of Jaime Moyer, Phil Neikro, Greg Maddux, a few others.)

The #DayWithoutLiberalWomen is six days away. I can hardly wait. Participants believe they are going to teach men a lesson about what life would be like without them, but these are the kinds of women who men want to disappear. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just another example of winning.

Spring is more or less here, which means I have survived my 48th winter on this planet. Thank God.

My torn calf muscle is healing nicely. I am now running two miles every other day with zero troubles with the injury. The compression sleeve was a wise investment. I’ll be wearing one long-term.

Culver’s fried shrimp is every bit as good as its hamburgers.

My latest investments are an Apple Watch and Air Pods. I wasn’t going to buy the watch until it could be used untethered from the iPhone. I wanted to be able to run and listen to music with just the watch and Bluetooth earbuds. The Apple Watch Series 2 has made this a reality. I am convinced that iOS devices run on magic instead of electronics. It’s spooky what they can do now.

Some of the dishes I prepare call for fresh basil. We grow basil when it’s warm, but I have to resort to dried basil during winter. It’s not at all the same. Not even close. (Yes, I know you can buy fresh basil at the supermarket, but once it’s picked, it wilts rather quickly.)

Hacksaw Ridge is a fabulous movie. My wife and I rented it last weekend. I recommend it.

Smyrna has the 4th busiest airport in Tennessee, believe it or not. It follows Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville.

We don’t see the universe as it presently exists. We only see celestial bodies where they used to be. A star that’s a thousand light years away is in a different place than where its pinpoint of light shows it to be. We’re seeing it where it existed a thousand years ago.

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