The scheming demons are at again

Yesterday a #fakenews story broke that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath during his confirmation hearings about meeting with a Russian ambassador regarding the presidential campaign.

Again, this is a #fakenews story accompanied by fake outrage among Democrats and the mainstream press that is designed to produce genuine outrage among us. Given that more Americans trust President Trump than the #fakenews media, I can’t imagine this latest chapter in the fake meme that Russia tampered with our election will have much effect.

Did Jeff Sessions meet with a Russian ambassador? Yes he did. This occurred last September while then-Senator Sessions was a member of the Armed Service Committee. This is the capacity in which Sessions met the Russian ambassador. During his confirmation hearing back in January, Senator Sessions was asked by mental midget Senator Al Franken whether he had met with any Russians regarding the campaign. Sessions answered in the negative, and was telling the truth. He never met with any Russians regarding the campaign. He wasn’t even part of the Trump campaign. He was a sitting senator at the time.

Now the Democrats, in full, furious fake outrage, are demanding that the attorney general recuse himself from the fake investigation over Russian interference, or to resign altogether, preferably the latter. Their demands are full of hypocrisy. You see, dozens of Democrats have met with various Russians over the years. Hillary Clinton sold them 20% of our uranium, for crying out loud.

Two of Sessions’ loudest assucers, Senators Claire McCaskill and Chuck “Fake Tears” Schumer, have met with the Russians. Senator McCaskill even lied about never having met with Russians. Someone dug back through her tweets and found where she not only met with Russians, but also bragged about doing so.

Are Democrats ashamed about their hypocrisy? Not on your life. Democrats are a godless, soulless lot who have no shame. Their sole objective is to delegitimize and undermine the Trump presidency. That’s the entire purpose of the fake Russia-interfered-with-the-election meme. They cannot accept the election results, so they have to try to delegitimize it somehow. There is still no evidence that Russia had any influence whatsoever in our election. Even the #fakenews paper-of-record New York Times concedes this. And in an interview last December, President Obama more or less dismissed the idea himself.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a man above reproach. Likewise, the Trump administration has so far demonstrated complete transparency and integrity, much more so than the previous corrupt administration. That the Democrats, these scheming demons, attempt to sit in judgment over a man like Jeff Sessions is preposterous.

Democrats were the losers in November. They have been losing elections for many cycles now and are clearly in the minority. They have no political power. Their only “power” is the power of propaganda: the ability of their media surrogates to generate #fakenews about President Trump and his administration so they can generate fake outrage in the hope that you and I will become genuinely outraged and turn against our president. It isn’t going to happen.

Get used to this, folks. There are going to be endless #fakenews stories attempting to undermine and possibly overthrow the Trump presidency. The best thing you can do is to immediately dismiss these stories as #fakenews, because they most likely are. This is the age in which we live. President Trump’s speech Tuesday night was incredibly effective and well-received by the American people, and it has the Democrats and #fakenews media running scared. The American people got to see President Trump without the #fakenews media filter, and he has the support of a large majority of Americans. Fight #fakenews by not believing it. Expose the lies for what they are. And know Democrats for who they are: “scheming demons dressed in kingly guise, beating down the multitudes and scoffing at the wise.”


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