What will we know in the end?

I have made the case here many times that so much of liberalism is projection. When liberals make accusations against others, it is so often reflective of things liberals themselves are guilty of. So when liberals attack their political opponents, it’s typically an insight into their own misdoings.

Since the election, the Democrats and #fakenews media have made the accusation that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the election. This is their entire post-election meme. It’s all they’ve got so they’ve doubled down on the lie, as liberals are wont to do. Despite the dearth of actual evidence, they have persisted in this meme.

We now have growing evidence that the Obama administration tapped the telephones at Trump Tower during the campaign. I covered this issue yesterday, so I’m not going to restate any more.

The real U.S.-Russia connection, if you want the truth, goes through Barack Obama. This is the guy who told them after the 2012 election, he would “have more flexibility” (to sell out the U.S.). The same Russian ambassador that Democrats are accusing Jeff Sessions of colluding with met with President Obama no less than 22 times. The same Russian diplomat was present at Trump’s speech last week — as a guest of the Democrats.

Thus, given the Democrats penchant for projection, and given their obvious connections to Russia, I have come to the realization that if we ever get to the bottom of these wiretapping shenanigans, we may very well find out that it was Obama who colluded with the Russians in an attempt to rig the election.


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