Tuesday musings

We like to joke about people from some other part of the country as being especially dumb. People from Tennessee often pick on people from Alabama. We say, “Wow, that’s really dumb. You must be from Alabama.” In reality, though, stupid has no boundaries.

I was listening to Sirius 67 (Real Jazz) recently when they played a rather long piece from John Coltrane from 1966 entitled Ascension. It is an example of “free jazz.” Let me preface this by saying I think highly of John Coltrane. He made some of the best jazz ever made. Ascension doesn’t do it for me, however. It sounds like an orchestra perpetually warming up, just a collection of instruments playing random notes. They never actually play a melody. It’s just a cacophony. Some people consider this art. Some people consider throwing a bucket of paint against a wall to be art. I’m not willing to call just anything art.

I’ve gotten to where I only eat donuts from Gibson’s in Memphis. This means I don’t often eat donuts, which is probably best.

I occasionally talk to storm phobics who, quite honestly, need a shrink more than they need a meteorologist.

The jump from high school baseball to Division 1 college baseball is extraordinary. I’ve seen both and there is no comparison.

Does anyone know a source for some really good ghost stories? I love ghost stories.

Don’t believe the #fakenews that Donald Trump’s approval rating has tanked. He’s still the same person we voted for. He’s done everything he said he was going to do. There’s no logical reason why his base would turn against him for being the president we all knew he would be.

Don’t believe the #fakenews that the Trump administration is plagued by scandal. The Trump administration is plagued by #fakenews. His administration is the cleanest we’ve see in at least 8 years, and the most efficient we’ve ever seen.

The Democrat Party is the largest hate group in America. The mainstream media, effectively dubbed “#fakenews,” is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. This is how we must view the Democrat Party and #fakenews at all times. If they tell you water is wet, be skeptical. Run your hand underneath a faucet to make sure water is indeed wet.

The Democrat Party and #fakenews are going to oppose President Trump on every single thing he does. Get used to it, support our president, and watch the Democrat Party and #fakenews continue their slide toward irrelevance.


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