Notes on Revelation 17:12-18:24

The destruction of Babylon occurs both in the physical realm and spiritual. John uses different terminology to refer to Babylon: a city and the mother of harlots. It isn’t just a city, but represents the entire world system controlled by antichrist.

At the end of the 7-year tribulation we have the destruction of this world system.

In 17:12, there are ten horns which represent ten kings who govern the world under antichrist. The various plagues that occur throughout Revelation become progressively worse, and also progressively faster.

The 10 kings make war with the Lamb. It goes without saying that the Lamb wins. Those who accompany the King of kings and Lord of lords are called chosen and faithful.

The saints of God will return with Him. We are coming back for a mighty day of battle and reckoning.

The world system under antichrist literally dominates every tribe and nation on earth at that time. When they give their power to the antichrist, the world system grows exponentially. The very thing they help create will turn on them and there will be massive confusion and war. This anti-God system that they thought would solve their problems becomes, in fact, the problem.

These things are allowed to take place in order to fulfill God’s will. God is a sovereign God. The kings are in His hand — the good ones and the bad ones. God uses the wickedness of man against man for His glory.

He is on His holy, golden throne telling them what to do. In the end, when the world is literally on fire, God’s word will be fulfilled, for God cannot lie. All of His words and His will shall be fulfilled.

The worldly kings will have abundant riches, and God shall destroy their wealth.

Babylon will fall. The world both now and the world to come is full of demons and devils. Demons are territorial. There are places on the earth over which they have dominion.

What God does then as well as now is to call people out of the world’s darkness into His holiness. When you taste righteousness, the world’s iniquity will always taste bitter.

When God dispersed the people from the Tower of Babel, it began Babylon. Babylon has always stood for idolatry and paganism.

Whenever the Bible talks about wrath, it talks about a cup. The idea is that God’s wrath is getting stored up generationally until it fills. Judgment may be delayed, but judgment will come.

The system is very arrogant. The world is arrogant. The church, unfortunately, can also be arrogant.

We were created to bring glory to God.  We do not exist to glorify ourselves.

We are told that the kings of the earth who enjoyed her and fornicated with her will bewail and lament her when she is aflame.

There will also be a financial crisis and famine when this one-world economic system crashes. Literally everything will be for sale, even men as slaves and the souls of men. Slavery in all forms is wicked, and the Lord will put an end to it.

If you love people, you will use money to reach more people. If you love money, you will use people to get more money.

The people of the world are going to be utterly shocked at the destruction of Babylon.

While the world is in remorse, heaven is rejoicing because Jesus is doing what He said He was going to do.

In 18:21, a millstone is used as a symbol of God’s judgment. It is used in other Bible passages, too, as a symbol of His judgment.

There will be so much judgment that no one will be able to enjoy any part of living anymore.

The powers that be aren’t the ones we can see, but are the ones who are guiding the ones we see.

The position of your power will determine what kind of character you are.

Indeed, there are many antichrists already in the world who are setting the stage for the one great antichrist who comes later.

God will judge Babylon for killing His prophets.

The people who stand for God and don’t bend in the face of the culture are, unfortunately, few in number even in the church. Yet we have nothing to fear because we know how it all ends.


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