Sunday musings with nary a discouraging word

Brett Baier’s new book Three Days in January offers a fabulous insight into the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower, who was a very underrated president. I’m not quite halfway through the book and find myself engrossed in this bit of history.

Yesterday, my wife and I dined at Olive Garden to take advantage of the “buy one take one,” where you take a second pasta dish home with you. (And they do not short you on the portions.) We will literally end up spending the entire weekend dining on this indulgence.

My church, the Global Vision Bible Church on Old Lebanon Dirt Rd. (not actually a dirt road) in Mount Juliet, TN is in its 2nd weekend since expanding to 4 services. There is a Saturday night service and three Sunday morning services. This was done to accommodate a burgeoning membership. We seat about 165 at any one time, but will likely welcome in excess of 500 worshippers this weekend. Literally thousands will watch us online. We offer no gimmicks. The attraction is simply our gospel preaching. People are starved for truth anymore, and will flock to wherever they can find it.

Yesterday morning, we received 1.2″ of snow, which was our largest of the winter so far, even though we enjoyed a prolonged warm spell in February and early March that brought out the blooms and buttercups prematurely. The snow was enjoyed by most, but amazingly short-lived. It was completely gone by early afternoon.

In 47 years on this earth, I have never seen any President in person. Lord willing, that will change on Wednesday when President Trump comes to Nashville for a rally. Trump will also visit the Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson, which I find to be a nice touch to his visit.

A week ago yesterday, I began running 5K’s for the first time since suffering a torn right calf muscle in late January. Recovery was deliberate and gradual, and I am grateful to be running again. So far I have felt no effects from the injury. I wear a compression sleeve every time I walk or run. I have run four 5K’s now (every other day). My times aren’t great, but my pace is slow on purpose. I can tell I’m somewhat out of shape after not running for so many weeks. My goal is to remaster the 5K (literally make the 5K great again) before extending my miles. I am determined to participate in a half-marathon in Nashville on April 29 (my fourth in as many years). I don’t know that I can get fully trained in time since I’m behind my usual training schedule. But I’m going to run it anyway and do the best I can.

I am thoroughly enjoying my Apple Watch. I went running carrying an iPhone for so long I suddenly don’t know what to do with two empty hands.

When you have an introvert and an extrovert together with no one else present, the extrovert can be contained if the introvert avoids engaging the extrovert, or at least engages minimally. It’s when you add a second extrovert to the equation that the introvert begins to experience troubles (what I call “the tyranny of the extrovert”).

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