We’re not going to run out of pizza, and we’re not going to run out of women’s health

Liberal Democrats are reacting with typical apoplexy over President Trump’s and the Republicans’ effort to strip Planned Parenthood of its federal funding. I posted a few days ago about Senator Chuck Schumer’s obvious and deliberate lie about the role Planned Parenthood plays in women’s health. But there’s another, similar lie floating out there that the Republicans’ healthcare plan will limit women’s ability to obtain proper health care. Here’s an example:

There’s nothing true about this. As I have pointed out, Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms, for example, and isn’t that the first thing you think of when you hear the phrase “women’s health?” The left props up Planned Parenthood with the lie that it’s a women’s health organization that happens to perform a few abortions on the side. But if you were to look behind the curtain, you’d find that Planned Parenthood is an abortion organization that performs a few other services on the side. And not only is Planned Parenthood the nation’s largest abortion provider, they also dismember aborted fetuses and sell off the body parts.

The notion that stripping Planned Parenthood of its federal funding would limit women’s access to health services is particularly irksome. Democrats act as though there’s a Planned Parenthood on every street corner, and that if we take away their federal funding, then there’s hardly anywhere else women can go for their health services.

Let’s take Tennessee, for example. Do you have any idea how many Planned Parenthood slaughterhouses clinics there are in Tennessee? There are three: Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville. So if something were to happen — fingers crossed — that caused Planned Parenthood to shut its doors in Tennessee, how much of an impact do you think that would have on women’s health services?

Let me put it another way. Let’s say a pizza chain with three total restaurants in the entire state of Tennessee went bankrupt and shut down. How much of an impact would that have on your ability to buy a pizza?


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