You might be a liberal if…

Liberals infuriate me, but it’s also entertaining to make fun of them, which I do from time-to-time. The thing about liberals is that their mental gymnastics are so illogical that a logical person can’t make sense of their thought processes. For example, liberals are always talking about the rights of women and gay BLT’s and pointing out things they find discriminatory. But right at the top of their list of protected victim classes you will find Muslims and jihadists. You won’t find a religion that is more discriminatory against women and gay BLT’s than the Muslim faith. So logically one cannot be both pro-woman/gay BLT and pro-Muslim/jihadist. But liberals are. I only point these things out. I don’t try to make sense of it.

The above is just one example of the left’s faulty logic. There are many more. For example, you might be a liberal if…

A five-year-old knows which bathroom to use, but you don’t.

You believed that Donald Trump’s wait-and-see approach to accepting election results was a threat to democracy, but you refuse to accept the election results.

You believe the Russians hacked the election for Trump even though Hillary won by 3 million votes.

You believe CO2 is a pollutant even though it occurs naturally, and without it life on earth could not be sustained.

You have no idea what dihydrogen monoxide is, but you would sign a petition to ban it if someone told you that corporations were putting it in your food.

You believe Bernie Sanders, who owns three homes, is a man of the people.

You are able to decipher 50 shades of gender, but wouldn’t know an Islamic jihadist if he were standing in front of you with a machete shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

You believe global warming is an imminent threat, even though global warming hucksters have been telling us its an imminent threat for 30+ years.

You are a strong independent women who wants someone else to pay for everything.

You participated in the day without a liberal woman last week thinking the rest of us were going to miss you.

You are unable (or unwilling) to see a correlation between rising crime/rape/riots in Sweden, France, Germany, etc. and the explosion of Muslim immigration.

You took on $80K in college debt for a degree you cannot use and expect someone else to reimburse you.

You visit your local Planned Parenthood clinic and ask for a mammogram.

You object to the objectification of women by the patriarchy, but regard female entertainers who objectify themselves as feminist icons.

You are appalled that Donald Trump said mean things about women, but you proudly proclaim yourself a “nasty woman.”

You engage in body mutilation in the form of piercings, unnatural hair color and/or tattoos, but seeing the red, white & blue shakes you to the core.

You believe women wearing a hijab is a sign of progress.

You believe government shouldn’t tell a woman what to do with her body and that her health choices (i.e., abortion) are private between her and her doctor, but government should be able to force that same woman to by health insurance.

You say you are pro-choice but you oppose school choice.

You default reaction after every Muslim terrorist attack is to warn of a backlash against Muslims.

You’ve known Donald Trump for 30 years but never called him a racist until he ran against a Democrat.

You accuse your political opponents of racism — all of them — but you’re the one who’s always bringing up race.


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