Monday morning musings

The year 1987 was 30 years ago. That was the year before I graduated high school.

A friend on Twitter poses this question: “Since feminists would have us believe the US is such an oppressive country, shouldn’t they warn immigrants not to come here?”

Bernie Sanders two days ago on Twitter: “We are living in a nation which worships wealth rather than caring for the poor. I don’t think that is the nation we should be living in.” Yet no one worships wealth more than the socialists who aim to re-distribute it.

knavish (adj.) — dishonest or unscrupulous; Does this not perfectly describe the Democrats and #fakenews media? (i.e., knavish Democrats, knavish media)

drone (n.) — a male bee in a colony of social bees, which does no work but can fertilize a queen; What percentage of beta males does this apply to?

A prayer room for Muslim students has been set aside in at least one Texas high school. I wonder if the ACLU’s obsession with “separation of church and state” will apply here? Nah. Those drones are just too knavish.

The lastest presidential approval poll I saw has Trump at 37%. But when I apply my own “+20” formula to this #fakepoll, I come up with a 57% approval rating for President Trump. Good job, Mr. President.

Today is the first day of spring. Thank God!

I have kept up with the NCAA tournament, but I have yet to watch an actual game. My entire East Region is destroyed, although I did somehow get 9 of the Sweet Sixteen correct and still have 3 of my Final Four teams in, including my national champion (Arizona). What does it all mean in the end? Nothing, really.

South Carolina beat Duke. Memphis beat South Carolina. So…


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