Sacred suffering (1 Peter 4:3-5)

The things we used to do we don’t do anymore. Jesus changes the quality of our lives. Outward conformity will not change your heart. It requires inward transformation. When we were lost, we walked in the ways of the lost. There are things as saved people we are not to do.

1. What God delivered us from in the past should not find its way into our present. We are not to bring the things of our past into our present relationship with God. When He saves us from it, we are not to go back there.

The Bible is supposed to make us a little bit uncomfortable. Married people are not to commit adultery. Single people are not to fornicate. Pornography is the hub of lust in the church and is to be avoided. To be born again means we are different. We are to avoid riotous behavior. We are not to worship something/someone other than God. In other words, we are not to seek power from an alternate source apart from God. Whatever it is you won’t give to God is your God.

2. If people never ask you why you’re different, you’re probably not. We are not to run with our “old crowd” with the intent of engaging in the same sin as before. The fact that we seem different to others is what matters to God.

3. Every one of us is going to stand before God in judgment. There are no exceptions, no exclusions, and no excuses. There is a resurrection and judgment of the just and a resurrection and judgment of the damned. Either way, there will be judgment. We will all meet God one day. If you are saved by the grace of God, you will not give an account for your sinfulness, but for the motivation (or lack thereof) for your service.


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