The left just can’t be happy

We learned yesterday that Vice President Pence is so devoted to his wife, Karen, and his monogamous relationship with her that he doesn’t even dine with other women in public unless his wife is present. To me, this is a non-issue. I say bravo, Mr. Pence. I don’t dine with other women, either. He makes every effort to avoid any impropriety regarding women. This is an admirable. If only all married men went to such lengths to be faithful to their wives.

Well, the left is apoplectic. Twitter went nuts after Pence made his revelation. I’m not going to repost any of it here. If you haven’t heard about it already, it won’t be hard to find.

This is very telling about the left, and shows just how base and vile liberals are. A central plank to HRC’s failed presidential campaign was that Trump said mean things about women, that he disrespects women, etc. I submit to you that this was all fake outrage. After all, rappers say far worse things about women. And look at what Bill and Hillary did to women?

So you have Mike Pence on the other end of that spectrum whose treatment of women is faultless and who has been faithful to his wife all these years. They ridicule and criticize that, too. They just can’t be happy. They criticize one type of behavior, then criticize its opposite. That’s who they are.


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