My glorious hum-drum life

My wife and I just took our first trip together (not including Memphis) by ourselves in 17 years. We spent 3 nights in the gloriously overbuilt and commercialized Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We had not been there since 2010.

It really was a fabulous trip. The hotel was perfect. The weather was good. We enjoyed each other’s company. We enjoyed the sights and the excursions. We even got in some exercise. (According to Apple Watch, we walked in excess of 13 miles in 3 days.)

And yet, when it was time to return home from our “escape” from home, we were excited to return home. There’s something to be said for a peaceful home and all the routine and familiarity that comes with it. If you can be excited to return home and your “hum-drum” life after a trip that you’ve planned for weeks, then consider yourself blessed.


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