Random thoughts on Syria bombing, recent Gatlinburg trip, etc.

President Trump bombed the crap out Syrian military targets yesterday. We hit them with 59 tomahawk missiles in 60 seconds. (I’d love to see video of that. It had to be better than any fireworks show.) There is some grumbling among Trump supporters that he’s going to get us into another Middle Eastern war. I don’t want another Middle Eastern war, either. Let’s put America first and let them sort out their own problems. The thing is, Bashar al Assad used chemical agents against his own people, or at least we believe he did. Several years ago, President Obama put down his famous red line, which Assad has violated repeatedly, for which Obama did nothing. We launched missiles from Navy ships. We haven’t sent in troops, nor have we committed to send in troops. We haven’t gone to war. We bombed Syria’s military targets. That’s it. I don’t have a problem with this. What are the long-term implications of President Trump’s attack? I have no idea. I doubt anyone does.

I’ve heard it said one should never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. I don’t necessarily agree with this, although I understand the logic. The trick is to make a grocery list at home (preferably not on an empty stomach), and then stick to your list while shopping, whether you’re hungry or not.

Thoughts on my recent Gatlinburg trip:

  • There are a lot of obese people.
  • There are a lot of poorly-dressed people.
  • People who probably have no affiliation with the Universities of Kentucky, Alabama and North Carolina nonetheless wear their gear. Whatever. I saw a young lady wearing an IUPUI shirt, another gentleman wearing Gardner-Webb. Those are probably legitimate fans.
  • Regarding amusement parks, my wife and I have officially made the transition from tourists who ride rides to tourists who attend shows.
  • The things people spend money on I can’t understand. There are free attractions that are far more worthwhile than mindless entertainment that costs money. All it requires is a short drive into the mountains.
  • If you ever have the opportunity, taking Gnatty Branch Road as an alternate method for driving from Gatlinburg to Dollywood is better than most roller coasters.
  • Those who insist on eating healthy are in for real challenge, unless you want to bring your own food from home. (Is there anything to eat that isn’t fried?)
  • If you’re going running in Gatlinburg, do so very early, or don’t bother. (I didn’t go running while I was there.)
  • Universally, hotel WiFi is useless. Plan on using your own data.
  • Knoxville goes on forever. Traffic there is almost as congested as Nashville’s. (This is a complement.)
  • You look at the world differently when your child(ren) is/are grown.
  • There is an attaction called “Ober Gatlinburg.” I wonder if anyone has ever taken an Uber to Ober?

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