Wag the dog

It’s back to Rush Limbaugh again, and another reference to last Wednesday’s show — a great show that was — in which the Maha Rushie at least considers reordering his thinking on the relationship between the media and Democrat Party. Heretofore, it has been the assumption that the mainstream press — we call it #fakenews now — is the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. But it may be the other way around. It can be stated with some degree of certitude that the home of the progressive movement is now in the media, and that the Democrats are merely the elected wing of the media.

I’m considering the structure, that it is the Democrats that are an arm of the media, not that the media is an arm of the Democrats. In other words, the foundational base of the progressive movement is in the nationwide media. The Democrat Party are the elected hacks who enforce and introduce politically and legislatively — and oppose the things that the Republicans put forth — in a political sense. But the constant, always-there of progressivism and liberalism is the media.



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