#fakenews CNN’s interview with Syrian man backfires bigly

Over the weekend, #fakenews CNN interviewed a Syrian man who survived a chemical attack there back in 2013. According to the banner at the bottom of the screen, the Syrian gentleman had a message for President Trump. Did he ever! I’m sure CNN put him on the air because they thought he was going to trash the president in the wake of his tomahawking of Syrian military targets late last week. Instead, the interviewee had nothing but praise for President Trump and flummoxed the #fakenews reporter by insisting that Syrians don’t want to be refugees. They don’t want to come to the U.S. They want our president to help them stay in Syria, since that’s their home. She tried to cut him off several times and couldn’t get him off the air fast enough. But by then, the damage to #fakenews was done.

What this exchange illustrates is that American liberals, who insist on an unfettered influx of Syrian refugees, don’t really care about the refugees as human beings. You see, the flow of refugees from Syria to the U.S. is merely a vehicle for importing terrorists. Second, Trump’s hard line against accepting more refugees simply gives the left fodder for bashing Trump as a heartless monster who doesn’t care about the downtrodden. In fact, it is the left who doesn’t care about the plight of Syrian refugees, but only as political props and pawns.


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