Notes on Revelation 22

After we get through all the judgments in Revelation, we get to see how it all turns out. Let the world laugh now, because God gets the last laugh. His glory will be vindicated.

In verse 1, the writer refers to a pure river of water of life, much as Christ referred to the living water that only He could offer. We will be able to drink from the wellspring of the throne of God.

Verse 2 refers to a tree of life that has healing power. (The Greek word that refers to it is the same as our word for therapeutic.)

In verse 3, we are told that the curse will be lifted — the same curse that God put on the world following the first sin all the way back in Genesis. There will be no curse in that day. Heaven will be heaven because we’ll have rest of eternity to serve Jesus without any distractions. (We should probably start practicing now.)

There will be a day when we will soak up the glory of God without being distracted by the things we always seem to be distracted by here on earth.

We could not look on God’s face in our present bodies and live. But in our glorified bodies, we shall see His face. We are owned by God. We are purchased possessions by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Angels peer into redemption because they don’t know anything about it. They don’t know what it’s like to be depraved and fallen and then purchased back. They were created with glory and don’t require the redemption that we humans do. We have something angels don’t have.

In heaven, there shall never be night. The Lord God will give light all the time.

It’s no use to fret over current events, because God is setting up chess pieces. The events that are foretold will come to pass when God wills them to.

There is nothing else that has to happen, in terms of prophecy, for Jesus to “come quickly.”

John saw these things of which he writes. He was shown the events by an angel whom he fell down to worship after he had been given the revelation. The angel rebuked him for this, because angels are not to be worshipped, but God only.

In verse 10, we are told to preach the things are are in Revelation. (“Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book.”) If we truly believe these things, it will change the way we treat other people.

If we aren’t right with God right now, we won’t be right with God when He shows up. So the lost are not to put off their conversion. Christ will arrive in an instant, and then it will be too late.

Those who are saved and have done the will of God will accompany him into the holy city. Those who have done evil will not be allowed in His presence.

False prophets like to preach falsely about Revelation.

Christ promises that He will come quickly and He wants His church to be ready.


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