Politicizing comedy

The left has managed to politicize just about everything, from the weather, to sports, gender & bathrooms, what we drive, and now comedy skits on Saturday Night Live.

SNL has been parodying our presidents since Gerald Ford. They have parodied every president for 42 years now, both Democrat and Republican. Some have been realistic impersonations. Others have been lampoons. But they’ve all received the same treatment. But now, with Alec Baldwin doing the Trump impersonations on SNL, which I have not watched, our good friends at #fakenews CNN are finding it newsworthy. That’s right, whenever Baldwin shows up on SNL to parody Trump, CNN does a news story about it. That’s how seriously they take politics. They can’t just let comedy be comedy. They have to politicize it. Again, this is not a criticism of SNL. They’ve always done presidential parodies. This is a criticism of CNN for politicizing comedy. This newsworthy topic is right there in the @CNN Twitter feed.

This is not the first time the #fakenews media has found an SNL presidential parody to be newsworthy. In late 2014, the Washington Post found it necessary to “fact-check” a skit parodying President Obama. Yes, they actually fact-checked a comedy skit. That’s how thin-skinned they are.


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