It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish (1 Kings 13:1-30)

It’s not how you start that matters to God but how you finish. Anybody can start, but if we look back we’re not fit for the kingdom of God.

King Solomon started out strong, but he is more remembered for how he died: a fornicating idolator operating outside God’s will.

People love hearing their own name called. But don’t put your own name above that of Jesus. My name is important but His name is much more so.

The best servants are those who work for the kingdom and don’t need their name called out for recognition. If you or I have to be seen, then we don’t belong in the kingdom of God.

We are all called upon to be fearless when proclaiming the word of God. People are attracted to boldness. The only thing we are to care about is the content of the message.

When you walk in God’s wisdom and live in his favor, people will not be able to put their hands on you unless God allows it. If God is not finished with us, then we are touchless. Nothing can come against us.

We go when God says we go, no soooner and no later.

The first few verses of this chapter refer to a “man of God.” He is nameless, fearless, and touchless. 

Not even the king could come against him, so the king asked the man of God to pray for him. And he did. After all, the man of God wasn’t heartless. (In the story of the Good Samaritan, the one who did right was the one who showed mercy.)

Likewise, the man of God was still able to show compassion for others. Jesus was the perfect balance, being full of grace and full of truth. That’s why we’re supposed to speak the truth in love.

And so this nameless man of God was a relentless man. It’s always too soon to quit. 

By the time we get to verse 14, we learn that the man of God began to take God’s blessings for granted, and he dropped the ball. He became motionless. When we become motionless, we get careless.

When anyone tries to contradict the word of God, walk away from that person. He/she will try to fill you with nonsense. The man of God got careless with who he got his counsel from. He consorted with a false prophet. Be very guarded about your sources of information.

Ironically, in verse 21, the false prophet begins to speak the word of God to the man of God and warns him. And the man of God is slain by a lion after he leaves the place.

And so the sequence of the man of God is this:

  • Nameless
  • Fearless
  • Touchless
  • Wasn’t heartless
  • Relentless
  • Motionless
  • Careless
  • Lifeless
  • Useless

The lion stands beside the carcass as a tesimony to what God does when we lose our spiritual focus. The false prophet then takes up the carcass to take it back to the city to bury and mourn for the man of God.

The man of God started strong but finished abysmally. He had rendered himself useless. If you are saved but not being used by God, then you are useless.


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