Liberalism’s three-headed hydra

Nine days ago I wrote a blog post that sort of piggybacked on something Rush Limbaugh had said on one of his shows, about the #fakenews media being the de facto leader of the progressive movement and the Democrat Party merely serving as the elected wing of the mainstream press.

Yesterday, the Maha Rushie was at it again, further clarifying this relatively new concept regarding the progressive movement as it is presently constituted.

Everybody expected Hillary Clinton to be in office with Hillary appointees all over the cabinet, all over the bureaucracy, and the slow-but-sure stealth takeover of America to continue. And since the Democrat Party lost, since the Democrat Party has lost over a thousand seats since 2010, other elements of the progressive movement are taking over as the impetus and energy.

I’ve been thinking about this and have come to view liberalism as a three-headed hydra consisting of a propaganda wing, an elected wing, and a militant wing.

With the elected wing of the progressive movement, the Democrat Party, faring so poorly in the elections of 2010, 2012 and 2016, progressives must advance themselves using other means. They aren’t just going to accept the election results and go home. They don’t recognize any other authority but themselves and are bent on subverting the country as it is presently constituted.

So you have the #fakenews media. And believe me, the gloves are off. There is no longer even a pretense of objectivity. They are going pedal-to-the-medal progressive. The media are the leaders in the progressive movement, and are protecting themselves as still being in power even though the elected power all belongs to the GOP.

Then there is the militant wing of the three-headed hydra. At one time, the KKK served as the militant wing of the Democrat Party. Today, it takes on other forms. (But they all wear masks.) Primarily, the militant wing is funded by George Soros. At one time it was Occupy Wall Street. Then it was Black Lives Matter. Today, it is Antifa, or whatever the mask-wearing paid rioters call themselves. You’ve seen them at Trump rallies trying to stir up trouble, assaulting people and destroying property. We most recently saw them at Berkeley.

But there is also another element of the militant wing of the progressive movement on the rise in America that is not funded by George Soros. It is militant Islam. If you’ve ever wondered why there is such a cozy relationship between jihadists, the Democrat Party and #fakenews media, it is because they have two things in common: a blatant disregard for the rule of law and a determination to overthrow America.

These various factions within the progressive momvement have one common, singular enemy: Donald J. Trump. And, by extension, Trump voters and supporters are also the enemy of the left. So whenever I hear a negative story about President Trump coming from the #fakenews media, my default reaction is to not believe it. Most likely, it is #fakenews.

Just because we elected Donald Trump and a GOP majority last November, the fight for the soul of America is far from over. Progressives never give up. Politics is their religion, and total power and authority is their singular objective. They won’t stop until they achieve their aim. One side is ultimately going to win.


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