Codifying progressivism as Christian — and it ain’t gonna fly

Paul Douglas calls himself a Republican meteorologist, and also a Christian. He has a degree in meteorology from Penn State, which is one of the more prestigious meteorology schools in the nation. So I’m not questioning his scientific acumen. I am questioning his buying into the climate change hoax. Even more egregious is his Christian malpractice, using Jesus Christ to promote the progressive policies that are wrapped up in the climate change hoax. His column “Christian Earth Day lessons: worship by protecting creation” appeared in the Guardian yesterday, and I’m reprinting the entire piece here, with my comments appended.

Christians just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I’m a Christian, husband, father, businessman and scientist; a Penn State meteorologist by training. It’s true that all knowledge is relative; science is never “settled” and one never quite reaches solid bedrock. There’s always a new observation, a new discovery, a radical theory, more testing to do. We look at the universe through a pinhole as God gradually reveals himself to us.

So far, so good, except most of the politicians who push the climate change hoax do assert that climate change is “settled science” and that the debate is over. Science has little in common with climate change. It is entirely a political issue. If science actually mattered to progressives, climate change would have been laughed out of existence when it was first proposed more than 30 years ago.

Regardless of how you pray or how you vote, we can all agree that fewer toxic chemicals in our air and water is a good thing. But today, more Americans die prematurely from air pollution than traffic accidents. More than 5 million premature deaths result from dirty air every year, worldwide. Air pollution disproportionately impacts minority and low-income communities across the USA. And statistically, America’s poor are much more likely to live near toxic waste sites. 

Maybe your statistics are accurate and maybe they aren’t. I’ve come to question everything coming from progressives. But air pollution and climate change are two separate issues, unless you buy into the hoakey theory that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. Also note the progressive lingo “poor and minorities hardest hit.”

These numbers betray the ugly truth that the poor pay the steepest price for America’s toxic reliance on fossil fuels. This is not the world Jesus teaches us to create. “He will reply, truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me,” Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 24:45. 

The poor pay the steepest price for a lot of things — socialism, for example. At any rate, Jesus Christ wasn’t promoting environmentalism with his admonition; He was promoting the idea of charity, about sharing one’s resources with those in need, that doing for the “least of these” was akin to doing for the greatest of them all.

The Trump administration’s misguided efforts to roll back protections for public health and the environment puts every one of us at risk, especially those with the fewest resources. Increasingly, America the Beautiful is under siege, as the interests of polluting industries take priority over the safety and welfare of our children.

Ah, yes. It’s the obligatory hit on President Trump. Also, note the progressive lingo. “Protection” is the word they use now in place of “government regulation.”

Science is not a substitute for faith; the two are not mutually exclusive. Science has no answer for the miracle of consciousness, the power of love and the promise of eternal life to come. We are here to worship our Creator and enjoy the fruits of his Creation. We are caretakers of a precious gift. We don’t own anything—everything around us is on loan. “My home is in Heaven. I’m just traveling through this world,” Billy Graham preached.

I agree with this, as far as it goes. But to many, if not most leftists, environmentalism is a religion. It is the religion of the progressive movement, complete with a deity (earth), sin (excessive carbon emissions), a savior (government), and a holy writ (any study which suggests future catastrophic warming due to human activity), to name a few of its religious elements.

Science doesn’t have all the answers, but we would be well advised to listen to the 97% of climate scientists who tell us Earth is warming, and the rapid burning of fossil fuels is responsible. Because the symptoms of a warming planet are becoming harder to deny and dismiss.

The 97% claim is a number oft-repeated by climate change hucksters, and I bet they don’t even know where it comes from. It is a complete fabrication. But they’ve repeated it for so long it has become truth to them. The actual number is 33%. The bulk of scientists don’t have an opinion one way or another.

At any rate, the “consensus” which you and other progressives tout is simply more evidence of climate change as a political issue and not scientific. You see, consensus is politics. Science isn’t up for a vote. Science is simply that which is. There was once a “consensus” that the earth was flat.

I just co-authored Caring for Creation: The Evangelical’s Guide to Climate Change and a Healthy Environment with Mitch Hescox, a former coal industry employee and a Methodist Minister. He is now leading the Evangelical Environmental Network, made up of conservatives focused on conserving the very thing that sustains us: a healthy, vibrant planet.

Conservatives pushing the single issue that is most dear to progressives? Folks, everything leftists want is wrapped up in climate change: higher taxes, loss of individual liberty and bigger, more intrusive government. It’s all there. Rush Limbaugh has pointed out that the environmental movement became the new home for displaced communists after the fall of the Soviet Union. The Maha Rushe has also pointed out that the left has succeeded in having its political agenda codified as science, so that if you oppose their politics, you are said to be “anti-science.” I’m going even further and pointing out that progressives are also attempting to have their political agenda codified as Christian, and you are helping them do it!

I’m proud of the many Christians who will march on April 29th in the People’s Climate March. Around the world people of faith will speak with one voice about the dangers of climate change, and the opportunities for good, renewable, clean-energy energy jobs. Environmental justice and economic justice go hand in hand. Clean energy is rapidly outpacing fossil fuels in creating jobs—the solar industry already employs twice as many people as coal.

And this further establishes the climate change hoax as a political issue. People don’t march for science. They do march for political issues. Also, as sooon as you can produce a 747 with solar panels on the wings, you can tout the solar industry as a viable power source. Until then, long live fossil fuels.

We are called to be stewards, tending what’s left of Eden. “Man has been appointed as a steward for the management of God’s property, and ultimately, he will give account for his stewardship” says Luke 16:2.

How are we doing?

You’re doing great — as a progressive who is misusing Jesus Christ and the Christian faith to promote a progressive agenda that is based completely on a lie.

More than 150 million people around the world live within three feet of sea level, so warming, rising seas are quickly becoming more than an inconvenience. Climate change is already making storms, droughts and heat waves more intense, impacting where crops grow and who has access to water. Climate change is emerging as the global human rights struggle of the 21st century.

First, I don’t know if your 150M figure is correct, but let’s say it is. So what? There is zero evidence that the coastlines are being flooded out and displacing the people who live there. Second, there is zero evidence, empirical or anecdotal, that weather extremes are more intense than in the past. How would you even go about trying to prove this? It’s another complete fabrication. Third, you mention crops. Who’s to say that the optimal climate is the one we’re living in now? Who’s to say that some warming wouldn’t contribute to an increase in arable land?

And the greatest human rights struggle is the same as it has always been: the struggle against tyranny and despotism. In the 21st century, communism, socialism, progressivism, militant Islam and Sharia Law are the faces of tyranny and despotism.

A rapidly-changing climate affects the health and welfare of our kids, and their kids. Respect for life must extend to future generations of unborn. Climate change is a global pro-life issue.

The climate is not “rapidly-changing.” The fact is, and you know this because you have a degree from Penn State, the climate has always been changing. It was changing before man invented the combustible engine and started burning fossil fuels. There have been times in the past when it was both warmer than it is now, and also colder. These changes are and have usually been subtle are hardly even perceptible. The same is true now. There isn’t the evidence to support the theory of man-made climate change. The only “evidence” are atmospheric models that presume to show warming years and decades and centuries from now. And even a layman knows you cant predict the weather that far out. Changes in climate have always occurred naturally, and the same is true now.

There’s no time for gloom and doom. We already have solutions that will power sustainable abundance. Dirty fossil fuels will fade as we dial up clean, renewable energy sources. The revolution is here: solar costs have fallen more than 80 percent since 2008, onshore wind is down 40 percent, and grid-scale batteries cost 70 percent less. We can have everything we want and need, with less stress on Earth’s Operating System – less lasting damage to God’s Creation.

The “solution” to this non-problem is what progressives have always wanted: the enactment of their political agenda. Mankind has never fared well under progressivism. Also, you seem to think God’s Creation is made of porcelain. In fact, the earth and the universe as a whole seem to be pretty durable. It is the height of arrogance to assume mankind can destroy (or save) what God has created.

What would Jesus do? We can’t know the mind of God, but based on Christ’s own words, actions and ministry he might have two simple questions. “Did you protect my Father’s home? Did you defend his children?”

What will we tell him?

Is this all Jesus means to you? The Pharisees tried to use Jesus as a political tool back in the day, and progressives are doing the same thing now. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Savior of mankind. He came to save that which was lost to sin (mankind). The question isn’t “Did you protect my Father’s home?” The question is “Did you invest your faith in Me?”

Also, one of the worst things we can do “for the children” is turn over to them a world governed by progressives and progressive policies. This is why true conservatives and Christians must always resist the lure of progressivism and its sweet-sounding words of nirvana and equality. Progressives are snakes and the climate change hoax is their poison.


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