Monday morning musings

All this rain has me missing my hammock. Hammock season has started early for me this year.

I seriously wonder if there will ever be a time in my life when I don’t have to deal with stupid people.

Playoff basketball in Memphis is always either one of two things: deflating or heart-stopping exhilaration.

For what it’s worth, an early ESPN preseason football ranking has the Memphis Tigers at #43, which happens to be the highest ranking of any team outside the Power 5. UCLA is 23rd. We play them in Memphis on September 16.

Next week the 19-year-old comes home for the summer. This is going to take some adjustment by everyone, including the dog.

In 5 services over Easter weekend, more than 1,200 people crowded into my church. We seat around 165.

I used to make my own pasta, but it has been more than a decade. You can buy a box of pasta for $1. Pasta isn’t easy to make, and it’s not very economical. But here lately I’ve had the itch to make a batch of homemade pasta.

I have this internal battle going on about which has the better chicken: Gus’s World Famous Friend Chicken in Memphis or Hattie B’s in Nashville. It typically depends on where I ate last. We had Gus’s last Thursday evening, so right now that’s on top.

I didn’t participate in Saturday’s March for Science because I was busy doing actual science. But if there’s ever a March for Geography, I might be interested.

My wife and I went to Gatlinburg the first week of this month. That’s probably going to do it for us in 2017. We don’t have a vacation planned for the summer, at least not a vacation where we drive somewhere. I’m really just looking forward to a quiet summer at home.


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