ESPN denial

ESPN has today announced they are laying off more than 100 on-air staffers. No, I’m not gloating about people losing their jobs. The only people I like to see unemployed are Democrat politicians and RINO’s. Still, I have to say that a lot of us saw this coming. ESPN has been headed down the rathole of progressive politics for years. They were top-notch when they just did sports. It’s when they began injecting politics into their programming (Bruce Jenner, Michael Sam, “hands up, don’t shoot”) that viewers began to lose interest.

There are, as you can imagine, a lot of media types in denial. The meme I’m seeing online thus far is that ESPN is losing subscribers only because people are cutting cable. A couple of media figures I’ve seen on Twitter today claim…

And then there are the idiots saying this is happening because ESPN is political. It is happening because people are unplugging cable.


Reading Twitter responses about ESPN layoffs, it occurs to me a lot of sports fans really don’t like anyone who stands up for civil rights.

So you see, it’s our fault. Either we’re cutting cable for economic reasons, or we’re racists — and who didn’t see that coming? — and it has nothing to do with ESPN. I have no doubt that some people are cutting cable. This is true. Some people are cutting cable and going to streaming services like Sling TV or Hulu, or some other alternative that’s less expensive. Perhaps some sports enthusiasts are cutting cable because they are tired of getting politics from ESPN.

Then there are people like me. We haven’t cut cable — yet. But I have stopped watching ESPN altogether, except in the rare case they happen to be showing a game I want to see, like the Grizzlies/Spurs game Saturday night, for example. Otherwise, I do not watch SportsCenter, or any other show on ESPN where there are talking heads. I do not watch because ESPN inserts politics into their shows. They don’t understand, and even in the wake of a mass defection of subscribers/viewers they won’t understand, that sports fans tune into sports stations for sports. If I want politics, I’ll find a political channel. I don’t want politics mixed in with sports. I need a break from it sometimes, and sports has always been that perfect getaway.

ESPN will not change their content. Even if customers tell them to their face to please stop mixing politics with sports and stop using sports to project a social justice platform, ESPN will not reform. ESPN is run by progressives, and they can’t help themselves. They are like the rest of the media. They don’t dabble in real-world consequences. Just as the Democrats and #fakenews media blamed Trump’s election on the Russians, so will ESPN and other sports media figures blame ESPN’s layoffs on something other than the real reason.


3 thoughts on “ESPN denial

  1. I cut out the traditional cable last year and put up an antenna, mainly because I realized that my family wasn’t watching much on it. However, one son wanted the Yankees channel, another wanted soccer, and my wife wanted HGTV. I subscribed to Sling TV; one package has Disney and ESPN channels, the other doesn’t. I took the one that doesn’t, specifically because I can’t stand ESPN anymore for the reasons you state, and also to get the Yankees channel.

    I can still watch ESPN when I want to catch a game, which is rarely. However, the past 2 Sundays had Yankees and Mets games. I tried to watch both. The announcers are the worst with vapid “commentary”, and much of what they discussed had little to do with the game playing before them. At a few points the game was cut out to show interviews and mini documentaries about a couple of players. In fact, for a whole half inning in each game, this was done and what was happening on the field completely ignored. This is not sports coverage. This is one of the reasons ESPN is losing viewers.

    It was pathetic. I turned off the games in disgust. I can only imagine how many others watching had the same reaction but I’m sure I’m not alone. I decided then that I’m not coming back, ever. There is no game so important to have to put up with such maddening stuff.


  2. Do an inventory of what everyone’s watching and then find out where to be able to watch those programs. You might find like we did that we could get the few shows and channels we wanted in a different way without all the excess dross that we were paying for but not using. You can put up an antenna outside and connect it to your cable splitter and feed multiple TVs. As for cable channels, Sling Tv has been fine for that, and you’re not tethered to the house. You can watch on multiple devices and anywhere in the country and that freedom has come in handy. We made this switch about a year ago and nobody has said they miss the old cable. So for us, the antenna, Sling and continued Netflix subscription which the kids love and two watch exclusively have provided more than enough video entertainment that we want and can actually use. Cordcuttersnews is a good educational start to explore the idea and options. Good luck and you will also have some extra money to put to other uses.

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