Can’t give the middle class a tax cut because it would also “benefit” the rich

President Trump unveiled his tax cut plan yesterday, and these are some big, Trump-sized tax cuts. I love the ambition, and hope the GOP can muster the votes to get these passed.

Democrats were railing against the tax cuts from the outset because…well…I shouldn’t even have to tell you. I’ll let them explain:

In other words, Democrats oppose Trump’s tax cuts because they would benefit the wealthy. It’s same tired, worn-out argument they always make, straight from Democrat Playbook 1.0. It’s never been updated, just the same class warfare tripe they always trot out.

The thing with progressives is that they pretend to not be motivated by money, but Democrats and their voters are obsessed with what other people make. Their reaction to Trump’s tax cuts is the same reaction they had to the Bush tax cuts, which was the same reaction they had to the Reagan tax cuts. It doesn’t matter how much the tax cuts might help a middle class family. In terms of actual dollars, the tax cuts will help a rich person more, so they’ll deny the middle class family its tax cut in order to keep the rich guy from getting his. This is who progressives are. Don’t think for a moment they are on the side of the middle class.

Also appended to Democrat Argument 1.0 is the cliche that “Trump offers no solution on how to pay for the tax cuts,” or some variation on that theme, because to them tax cuts have to be paid for. Democrats do not understand economics. They have no concept of how tax cuts put more money in the pockets of consumers and job creators, which spurs consumption and job creation, which generates more taxpayers and more revenue. Also, we’re coming out of a presidency in which the federal government ran perennial $1T deficits — that would be the Obama presidency — and no Democrat ever begged the question how we were going to pay for those deficits, so why should we have to pay for tax cuts?

Here’s some basic facts about the Trump tax cut plan:

  • If you pay no federal income taxes, you will not be getting a tax cut. The Trump tax cuts cannot help the poor because the poor pay no taxes. That’s how tax cuts work. This isn’t some welfare program. This is a plan to lessen the burden on productive citizens.
  • If you pay any federal income taxes whatsoever, you will be getting a tax cut.
  • The size of your tax cut will be determined, in large part, by how much you pay. If you pay a little bit in taxes, your tax cut will be relatively small. If you pay a lot in taxes, your tax cut wil be relatively large. It’s the very essence of fairness. Yet Democrats will tell you that the Trump tax cuts are unfair.

The U.S. economy would benefit bigly from the tax cuts President Trump has outlined. Individual taxpayers would see their taxes cut, and businesses would also see their taxes cuts. It’s a win for productive citizens, a win for companies, a win for the economy, and a loss for progressives.


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