Sacred suffering (1 Peter 4:15)

Sometimes the bottom falls out of our lives and there are problems that God’s people have to face. If you stand up for the gospel of Jesus Christ, you will be reproached. God’s people and unsaved people do not think the same. If you stand for truth, those who hate truth will hate you. We bring glory to God when we properly handle the suffering that comes our way.

1. Self-inflicted suffering is not suffering at all, it’s stupidity. When you suffer, let it be for righteousness’ sake. Don’t suffer as an evildoer. If you do evil deeds and are punished for a crime, you are not under persecution. You’ve brought it on yourself.

Verse 4:15 brings up the phrase, “let none of you suffer as…a busybody” The word “busybody” is only brought up a few times in the Bible. If we hated our sin as much as we hated other peoples’ sin, we’d be much better Christians. In fact, the word “busybody” is listed with murder, thievery and evil-doing.

2. It’s not accidental that “busybodies” are listed with severe and destructive offenders.


  • Love to make other’ business their business
  • Hide their motives behind a false calling
  • Always involve themselves in things they are not qualified to fix
  • Care more about feeling needed than they do meeting needs
  • Are abrasively opinionated, even when they are not asked
  • Use social media as “binoculars” to “spy on the neighbors”
  • Dominate conversations in order to control the narrative
  • Are offended when their advice is not needed
  • Are fueled by gossip but use phrases like “prayer request” and “important information” to cover their addiction
  • Have no trouble lying in order to get out of what they created
  • Say made up things like, “they said” or “people have come to me”
  • Have an uncanny ability of recognizing weak people but avoid authority figures
  • Constantly defend themselves
  • Have an agenda to destroy people
  • Are mad right now and think I’m talking to them

Don’t be one of these people. Shut them down in their tracks. Don’t let the enemy get a foothold in the church. God’s church moves forward in unity, not division.


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