The half-marathon training plan I will use from now on

A few days ago, I posted on the modified half-marathon training plan I had adopted this year in light of the fact that I was overcoming an injury and trying not to reaggravate it but also prepare myself to run a half-marathon. March and April have always been my primary training months, given that the half-marathon I run is always the last Saturday in April. Heretofore, my strategy has always been to run as much as I can as often as I can, average 20-22 miles a week for 8 weeks, and get in at least one run of 11+ miles leading up to race day.

Last year, I ran 189 miles in March and April, including the half-marathon. This year, that figure dropped to 115.3, a decrease of nearly 40%. I successfully ran a half-marathon three days ago after using this plan. It’s simple. My strategy was to run two or three 5K’s a week, plus a long run that increases each week until achieving at least one run of 11+ miles. Also, I was determined to avoid running back-to-back days. (I only violated this once.) So my plan was a lot more structured than before, and I stuck to it reasonably close. Here’s how it actually played out. (Distances are all in miles.)

March 4: 3.14
March 6: 3.14
March 8: 3.13
March 10: 3.12
March 13: 5.01
March 16: 3.15
March 19: 3.16
March 21: 6.22
March 23: 3.18
March 27: 7.07
March 29: 3.13
March 31: 8.02
April 6: 3.13
April 8: 3.12
April 10: 3.13
April 12: 11.02
April 14: 3.13
April 16: 3.13
April 18: 3.12
April 19: 3.15
April 21: 8.16
April 24: 3.13
April 26: 3.10
April 29: half-marathon
Total mileage: 115.3

And this is how I’m going to do it from here on out, at least for as long as it works. It’s far less strenuous (less injury risk) but also leaves me fully prepared to run a half-marathon.


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