My own climate hoax

I’d love to be able to pull a climate hoax on the left, like they’ve tried to do with us on climate change. I’d explain to them that all these solar panels are going to cause the sun to burn out prematurely by cutting down on the amount of solar radiation the earth reflects back to the sun (doesn’t really occur, but who cares?), and current attempts to harness wind energy are going to deplete the earth’s wind supply by 2050. I’d claim it’s “settled science,” and that we have to act now in order to save not only the planet, but the entire solar system. Women and minorities will be hardest hit. The only way to avoid these catastrophies is to cut taxes, eliminate various government regulations, defund Planned Parenthood, build the wall, drain the swamp, and open up vast sources of fossil fuels, including the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. Anyone who opposes me is anti-science, a denier, a flat-earth cretin, and possibly even a racist/misogynist.


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