Friday’s foibles

The 19-year-old came home for the summer Wednesday evening. One year of college down, three to go. (I hope it’s only three. Please let it be three.) He’ll be home for three-and-a-half months. This is going to be a great summer. Last year was my favorite summer in recent memory, and that was with Obama still president. Imagine how awesome summers are going to be during the Era of Trump.

Being a shift-worker, I often forget what day of the week it is. My Thursday could be your Monday, or my Monday could be your Friday. Sometimes there are two Thursday’s, two Tuesday’s, and no weekend. Or my weekend could be your Tuesday and Wednesday.

I’ve never been able to wear polo shirts made of cotton because cotton shrinks and I’ve never been able to wear them well. But polyester polo shirts are a different thing. I’m quickly trending toward these and doing away with the traditional button-up dress shirts.

If the Memphis Tigers are going to be successful at basketball next season, it’s going to be with a bunch of junior college transfers on the roster. Let’s hope this works.

I’ve had my Apple Watch for about three months and am still learning new things about it. And the more I learn, the more useful it becomes. Running without carrying an iPhone, but still being able to listen to music and track my run is quite a luxury. Of course, it has other uses, too.

What is the official pronunciation of “gyro?”

Every time I hear about someone’s Facebook drama, it reminds me why I’m not on Facebook.

My brother graduates from medical school in 16 days.

I regret not visiting the Shakespeare & Company bookstore when I was in Paris 27 years ago. It’s an English bookstore where Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce used to “hang out,” among others. I wasn’t into literature back then. (I was only 20.) So I wasn’t even aware there was such a place, and probably wouldn’t have cared if I had known. I was so close to it, too. Passed within a few blocks.

I have not flown on an airplane in 12 years.


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