Supernatural acts of Congress

Last week the House of Representatives passed the AHCA, which would go a long way toward undoing the damage wrought by ObamaCare. It’s not a complete repeal, but it does unravel the individual mandate and cuts out some of the ObamaCare taxes. Naturally, various Democrat congressmen and media types are lamenting that thousands/millions (pull any random number out of thin air) will die as a result of this bill.

In other words, the political hyperbole predictably is over the top on the AHCA. There are two primary root causes for the left’s outrage. First, it defunds Planned Parenthood. Second, we were well on our way toward the single-payer system that has been the dream of leftists. Insurance companies were fleeing from ObamaCare like the plague it was — which was exactly what was intended, by the way — and the GOP is undoing all that.

Aside from the hyperbole, I honestly believe there are some –not all, but some — congressmen who genuinely believe they are omnipotent to the point that they can overcome death and change the climate just by passing legislation. The implication, by asserting that thousands/millions will die as a result of the AHCA, is that ObamaCare somehow overcame death. We were all going to die before ObamaCare, and then the Democrats defeated death by virtue of passing the Affordable Care Act, and now that Republicans are unraveling the ACA with the AHCA, death is back on the table.

Also, the latest jobs report shows that the U.S. economy created 211,000 jobs in April. This is great news for the private sector, bad news for Democrats. Nancy Pelosi continues to lament that we have yet to see a single jobs bill from Trump. She is ignorant of the fact that the economy is creating jobs all by itself as a result of economic growth. No jobs bill is needed. But Pelosi and a lot of Democrats (and probably some Republicans, too) believe that nothing positive came come about in America anymore unless Congress first passes a bill mandating it. This is the God-complex a lot of politicians have given themselves. Americans are simply unable to produce anything unless Congress first tells us how and when and why.


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