Monday morning meanderings

French voters yesterday had a choice between willfully submitting to the tyranny of militant Islam or restoring some semblance of law and order. They chose the former. So long, Francestan. When you import the Third World, you become the Third World.

In the French presidential election, a man defeated a woman. (Madame Le Pen would have been France’s first female president, too!) When a conservative man defeats a liberal women over here, it’s blamed on misogyny. But when a liberal man defeats a conservative woman, it’s not misogyny. Also, I’m convinced that had Le Pen beaten Macro or Micro or Marconi or whatever his name is, it would have immediately been blamed on Russian interference. But the globalist in this election won, so there’s no talk of Russia.

During the last thousand years or so, few nations have been trampled on and tyrannized more than Poland. Today, Poland is one of the safest nations in Europe because they have refused to import the Third World.

After 18 years on the ice and ten playoff appearances, the Nashville Predators have advanced to the Western Conference finals for the first time ever. This is a great thing for the city. I’ve never been a hockey fan, and I’m still not a hockey fan, but I’ve found myself watching the Predators because of all the excitement they’ve generated locally. No, I’m not going to start wearing bandwagon Predators’ gear, because after the playoffs are over, I still won’t be a hockey fan.

When I participated in the Rock-and-Roll Marathon in Nashville on April 29, the city tied its all-time record high temperature for April (91 degrees). Six days later, the city broke its record “cool high” temperature for May 5 (54 degrees, which was 19 degrees cooler than the low temperature on April 29). This is Murphy’s Law at its cruelest.

The very ones who said, “When they go low, we go high” and “Love trumps hate” have shown themselves to be the meanest, most hateful, callous, vulgar, vile and vehement people this side of militant Islam. They call themselves “progressives.” I call them “intolerant,” “soulless” and “godless.”

Even though “progressives” attempt to portray Donald Trump as a heartless, cruel SOB, I have so far observed him to be one of the warmest, most considerate, selfless and generous presidents we’ve been blessed with during my lifetime.

Have you noticed there’s not a single person in the Democrat Party today who inspires anyone to self-improvement? Out of all their rhetoric aimed at the current administration, there’s not a word about individual betterment or self-confidence. Contrast this with conservatives during the Obama presidency who said, “Screw that guy, I’ll get it done myself.” This is because Democrats don’t inspire anything except class envy, helplessness and victimhood.

If you are willing to forego a tax cut just to keep a rich guy from getting his, you might be a Democrat.

Jesus saves. Government doesn’t save. So if you’re a Democrat voter looking to government to make your life better, God help you.


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