Q&A with Pastor Locke

Q: What does the Bible say about tattoos and makeup?

A: The Old Testament talks about marking up your body. A lot of the things we do have their roots in paganism. But we have been redeemed from pagan rituals. In the OT, God was specifically talking about the Levitical priests who were marking up their bodies according to other gods besides the one true God who they were supposed to be serving. In truth, if it isn’t dealt with specifically in the gospel, it’s really not of great importance. It isn’t a right or wrong issue, per se. Likewise, as far as makeup is concerned, it’s really an individual issue. However, the way a woman dresses should bring attention to her face, not in an attempt to draw the attention of other womens’ husbands.

Q: When Jesus wept, did he weep because Lazarus died or because people lacked faith in his ability to raise Lazarus?

A: Yes and no. Jesus deliberately waited where he was an additional two days knowing that Lazarus was about to die. So by the time Jesus arrived, Lazarus had been dead 4 days. He wept because He was bothered about the lack of faith others had in Him. No matter what He did, they just refused to believe He was the Messiah. Also, this showed the human side of Jesus. He was a man of sorrows and understood grief. He knew tears are never wasted.

Q: How do I get baptized?

A: Baptism does not save you. It is not a work of redemption. Is is something we do because we’ve already been redeemed. A person who gets baptized shows that he has died to his old self. It is an outward sign of an inward transformation. We are identifying with God and also with the local church body. The only type of baptism in the Bible is one of immersion.

Q: What makes you married according to the Bible?

A: God knows. What God has joined let no man pull apart. Two evoke one flesh. Man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. Biblical marriage is when a man and a woman come together before God. It is not necessary to come together before man. We have various traditions in American weddings. Most of this doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you exchange vows before almighty God. In the Bible, marriage is such a holy union before God. Remember, Jesus decided to work His first miracle at a wedding. This is probably not a coincidence. Also, remember that the church is the bride of Christ and Christ is the groom. It does matter not only who you marry, but also how we define it. When we change the definition of marriage, we try to change what is in the Bible. God is very plain about this: one man and one woman for life. We are united by God in the eyes of God.

Q: Why is modesty important?

A: We are living in day when modesty is shunned and laughed at. Modesty is a premium in the Bible. We ought to dress in a way that brings honor to God. Modesty is taught in the home, especially when daughters are involved. One of the problems in modern Christianity is that girls are getting their rules of modesty from their mothers. It is the father’s responsibility to establish modesty in the home, because men think like men, and a father recognizes when his daughter ought to cover up. Lost people don’t care about our rules. But once you have been exposed to the Bible, then you understand modesty. But lost people aren’t going to follow or understand our rules.

Q: Why does God allow us pain: emotional, mental & physical?

A: We have to have somebody to take the blame. We as humans must have someone to blame. The easiest thing to do is blame God because we can’t see Him. Not all pain is the result of the moral monster we try to turn God into. Pain was never God’s intention. He made everything perfect, and then humans messed it up with sin. And so pain is part of the curse. God didn’t give us depression, per se, but it’s the result of our bodies falling apart. God relieves us of our sin, but not the consequence of our sin. We can be forgiven for our sin, but still have to pay a penalty here on earth. God allowing the earth to go through the proper channels of what we brought into it. Adam and Eve were the representatives of what we would have done in their position. Because they sinned against God, every single one of their offspring are tainted by the eating the forbidden fruit. Childbearing was supposed to be easy, for example. There will be a day when all things are new again and there will be no pain.

Q: Will all preachers be in heaven?

A: There will be a lot of them in Hell. Jesus will tell many of them, “I never knew you.” There are many false prophets who pastor churches.

Q: Will all preachers still be preaching in heaven?

A: Maybe. I’d like to have a shot at it a couple of times. But there will be no reason for it because Jesus will be the sum total of everything in heaven.

Q: What is the best way to avoid jealousy?

A: Never get into a relationship. (joking) We have a far-fetched notion that jealousy is some evil, vile thing that brings ruin to every relationship. But God is a jealous God. So it’s not the jealousy by itself that’s wrong. It’s a natural emotion. It’s when we let jealousy cause us to sin that it becomes a problem. Sometimes we use jealousy to be possessive jerks. Some level of jealousy is right. God doesn’t want us filled with idolatry. So we have to avoid the possessiveness that comes with jealousy.

Q: What is a Berean?

A: A Berean is a person who is mentioned in Acts 17. Paul and Silas were on a missionary journey, and they met a Berean. It is simply someone who was based in the town of Berea. The Bible says they were more noble than the ones in Thessalonica because they searched the gospels daily for truth. They were Scripture searchers in order to make sure what they were hearing preached was correct. Ironically, they weren’t even saved at first, but came to faith in Christ just by reading the Bible. This is something we should all do and not just take the preacher’s word for everything.

Q: Do you think Judas was told what he had to do, and do you think he was forgiven and is in heaven?

A: He wasn’t necessarily told to do what he did, but was possessed to do so. Christ prophesied that the devil would enter into the traitor. Until then, Judas did the same things all the other disciple did. He did not outwardly distinguish himself from the others. And so the disciples didn’t know which one it would be when Jesus prophesied. We are told that the devil entered into him. Most (if not all) references to Judas are followed by the clarification, “the one who betrayed Him.” Judas was not forgiven. He did not go to heaven. He was a son of perdition. And he didn’t go to Hell because he killed himself. He was going to hell regardless of the way he died. There was no repentance in his heart.

Q: What does the Bible say about body modification?

A: This is another level from tattoos. And it’s not just body modification, but “cutting.” These are things the prophets of Baal did in the Old Testament. Every time we see this in the Bible, it was for the purpose of worshipping a false deity. This doesn’t mean that every time this is done, it’s automatically a pagan act. But we are already perfect in the eyes of God. There is no reason to change our personal appearance. The enemy says that our body is not enough. God says we are enough as we were created. That’s why transgenderism is nonsense. Let’s be happy with what God made and not what we think He should have made.

Q: How do you reconnect with someone after falling out?

A: Fallouts happen. You reconnect by seeking forgiveness and being at peace with others. But some people don’t want peace with you. Gone are the days when I hold onto toxic relationships because I am worried about the fallout. Sometimes a fallout out is the best thing that can happen. We don’t always have to put it back together, because sometimes it’s not God’s intention for us to put it back together. When you reconnect, it is not done by texting and Facebook. It is done face-to-face.

Q: Can you pleas explain what “sitting on a dime and dangling both legs” means?

A: It is a reference to someone being poor or “low.” It’s just colloquialism, something I say sometimes.

Q: Do you know what the lucky lotto numbers are?

A: No. If I did I wouldn’t be here. (laughter)

Q: When will we be starting our building addition?

A: We already have the county’s permission to knock out the outer two side walls so we can expend. We are waiting on the state because of storm drainage modifications. We are going to pay cash for the whole thing. It will happen in God’s timing. The state the other day did cash our check, so that’s a good sign.

Q: What is the difference between major and minor prophets?

A: There are 5 major and 12 minor prophets. Try are not called one or the other because of their importance, but simply the length of their books and the depth of their writings that appear in the Old Testament. The longer, deeper books are considered major, and the shorter books are minor.


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