#fakenews tells us what Democrats are guilty of

Another day, another #fakenews meme. I’m onto them and I know I’m not the only one. I don’t believe #fakenews is having much of an effect. Trump supporters generally ignore #fakenews. Trump’s loony-tunes haters believe every word. Trump Derangement Syndrome is indeed a mind-warping condition.

The way #fakenews works is simple. The media, which are driving the progressive movement at the moment, concoct a phony story with zero factual basis that is designed to damage President Trump, then the Democrats fall in behind the media with their fake outrage and fake tears. It’s also designed to take the focus off of President Trump’s numerous victories. They are getting desperate on the left because Trump is systematically unraveling Barack Hussein Obama’s string of abject failures, he’s doing it quickly, and he’s doing it bigly. They can’t win elections anymore so all they’re left with is trying to delegitimize Trump’s election.

There’s something else at work here, I have noticed. Everything #fakenews fabricates about Trump are things Democrats actually did. I’m talking about Russian collusion, leaking classified information, disregarding the rule of law, etc. (Also, yesterday’s #fakenews story regarding Trump’s sharing classified information with Russia appears to have been the media’s attempt to draw attention away from the deepening Seth Rich saga. Just look who isn’t covering it.)

Again, #fakenews is telling us how desperate they are by the length of their fabrications. So much of liberalism is projection, and the #fakenews media are simply projecting the Democrats’ scandals onto Trump. So when #fakenews accuses the president of sharing classified information with the Russians, the proper reaction isn’t “Please say it ain’t so,” but “Oh, so Obama shared classified information with the Russians.” And as #fakenews and the Democrats cling to the thoroughly discredited Russian collusion meme, the proper way to look at it is “Oh, so Obama colluded with the Russians.”

#fakenews is using a two-pronged approach: apply scandals to Trump that never occurred while simultaneously ignoring/covering up Democrat scandals that really did occur. They do this by projecting Democrat scandals onto Trump. It really is that simple. And it’s a neat trick if you can get away with it. Unfortunately for #fakenews, a large and increasing number of Americans just aren’t buying it anymore. We see all the winning and are cheering President Trump with each success. It’s too bad #fakenews and Democrats are so thoroughly invested in America’s defeat to notice the winning.


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