Quote du jour

From yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh Show, leading off the second hour:

Ladies and gentlemen, I never thought I would live to see the day. I mean, I never even contemplated such a thing could be possible, so I never even thought about it. It’s not that I thought about it. Could it happen? Could it not? I never even considered it. It never entered my cranial area. The idea that the leader of the Russian Federation, the Soviet Union — a KGB veteran by the name of Vladimir Putin — has gone public and is warning the Democrat Party in the United States of America and the American media that it’s gone too far! … It never even occurred to me — not even as a germ of a thought, not even as a synapsis flutter, never anything — that the Soviet KGB leader would warn publicly worldwide the American left and the Democrat Party and the media that it’s gone too far and is paralyzing its own country’s domestic agenda.



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