I’m tired of reacting to all the #fakenews stories coming from the media/Democrats, primarily because it distracts from the real news of all the winning that’s going on that does not get reported by the #fakenews media.

So I’ll do the job myself.

The stock market is up considerably since Trump’s election. This doesn’t just benefit “Wall Street fat cats,” but anyone, like me, with a 401k that is invested in the stock market. And I’m not a Wall Street fat cat you routinely hear maligned by Bernie Sanders. I’m just some guy from Tennessee.

Illegal immigration is down considerably since Trump’s election. Just the threat of carrying out the law has decreased border crossing dramatically.

House Republicans have passed the AHCA, the unraveling of ObamaCare.

James Comey has been fired as FBI director.

The Democrats keep losing elections.

President Trump has proposed a slate of tax cuts that would benefit every single American who pays income taxes, as well as American businesses.

We bombed the (expletive) out of ISIS.

Domestic oil production is up. We are not at the mercy of OPEC like we used to be.

Unemployment is plummeting. American companies are hiring. Some that had planned to move jobs overseas are staying home instead. This is huge but it routinely gets ignored by #fakenews & Democrats.

We have a clean administration in place at the White House that loves America. The adults are back in charge.

President Trump has exposed his predecessor for tapping his phones at Trump Tower.

Neil Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court. Senate Republicans, acting on a precedent established by “Dingy” Harry Reid, removed the 60-vote requirement for SCOTUS nominees. (The three previous Republican presidents, including the great Ronald Reagan, struck out with their initial Supreme Court nominees. President Trump hit a home run with his.)

President Trump has rolled back many of his predecessor’s onerous executive orders.

Hillary Clinton is not president.

The #fakenews media have fully unmasked themselves. We know exactly who they are and their relationship to the Democrat Party.


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