#fakenews is literally making liberals insane

You might say that liberals were already insane before. Maybe, maybe not. They’ve always had a screw or two loose. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be liberals. But progressives in the Era of Trump are absolutely insane, and it’s the constant barrage of #fakenews, on top of the fact that they already have a screw or two lose, that is creating the insanity.

Yesterday, I actually listened to Rush Limbaugh’s show live while driving home from Charlottesville, Virginia. I rarely listen live (always the podcast), but this time I had nothing else to do, so I found a radio station that carried the program (not hard to find) and tuned in.

At any rate, the Maha Rushie at one point took a call from a “reformed liberal” who noted the following about #fakenews:

CALLER: It’s sick. I no longer listen to anything and I think that there’s a lot of people like that and —

RUSH: I think there are too. I keep — you know, it’s all anecdotal, but I hear from quite a few people when I observe it, I’m not watching it either.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And I think it’s wise. I think it’s good for your mental health to stay away from some of this crap. It’s so intense, it’s never ending, it’s always there and they’re always trying to add to it. I think you’re wise to ignore most of it.

CALLER: It’s painful to listen to it. It’s also depressing to feel like this guy can’t get a fair shot. Anyways, my last point I was gonna say is that I think that the best thing personally for Trump to do at this point is just to keep on plugging away at accomplishing his agenda.

Rush went on to discuss how #fakenews and Democrats have created a monster that they may soon regret. Their insane followers fully believe Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 election — just as they believe the climate change hook, line & sinker — and now they are fully expecting an impeachment. The trouble is that there are no impeachable offenses. A year’s worth of investigating has produced nothing. So #fakenews & Democrats have built up expectations with their false narrative and built up expectations that are not going to materialize. The insane progressives are going to go postal when no impeachment occurs and no evidence is ever discovered, so now the Democrats — some of them, anyway — are quietly beginning to walk back the impeachment narrative.

So there are some literally dangerously imbalanced leftists who are already protesting and causing threats and riots at town halls. … The Democrat Party, the American media, has literally created an insane asylum that has no walls. And the people in this insane asylum, who are genuinely, truly unbalanced, have been made this way by having been fed a diet of raw hatred for the last nine months.

Now, of course they’ve been fed this raw hatred for decades. But in the intense specifics of this election and the collusion with the Russians, they have been fed lies and distortions and rumors as fact. They have created a brimming, a burgeoning, an effervescing, raw hatred that has yet had no outlet for expression. It’s bubbling up and it’s waiting to explode.

And the Democrats are scared to death of the day they have to make it official: There was no collusion, there was no evidence, there will be no impeachment. That’s why they’re trying to walk back impeachment, ’cause they’re scared to death of what they’ve created. They can’t control it. It is an uncorralled monster of genuine insane lunatics that is the Democrat base.


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