Notes on 2 Timothy 4:1-8

(This is a preparatory message leading up to an ordination at the Global Vision Bible Church.)

God is like a two-headed nickel. He always wins.

Ordination is not the calling of God. Aanyone called of God can preach whether man says so or not. Ordination is more or less a local church formaility, acknowledging someone who has been divinely annointed.

Paul often referred to Timothy as his son (in the faith), even though they were not related. Today, we are disciples who are making disciples.

When God puts something in your heart, you won’t want to do anything else but what God desires. Paul even lays out the framework for what the qualifications are for an elder/deacon.

Just because you have the desire to see God’s will fulfilled doesn’t mean you have the discipline. You must have discipline.

There are dangers in the ministry. Perilous times will come your way. There is perversity and brokenness. Even those in the ministry face these things.

Paul applies these things to all of us, but more so toward those who are in the ministry. God is the one who does the calling and equipping. It is God’s charge to God’s man. Jesus Christ is going to judge us on our motivation or the lack thereof.

God’s charge is to preach the word, in season and out of season. A minister is to preach doctrine. And, yes, doctrine is divisive. You will behave according to what you believe.

The time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine. People will try to take it out of your hands, even in God’s church. Make sure you stay true to the gospel, no matter what. Some do not want to hear the truth, but only what they want to hear.

Some will turn their ears from the truth and instead turn toward fables. We are even to endure afflictions. Jesus is the real one they hate. (Before they hated you they hated me first.)

Live the life of an evangelist. Be a soul-winner. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with the right people so that the devil cannot come in and destroy.

Do not be ashamed to let your light shine before man. Even be a trouble-maker for the kingdom. Those willing to shed their blood for the Lord are few and far between. (2 Timothy was the last of 14 books Paul wrote. Here he announces that they are about to kill him.)

Paul says he has fought the good fight. If you fight, make sure it’s a good (righteous) fight. Let’s all hope we can say this in the end. Anyone can jump off the starting block, but by all means finish well.

We do whatever it is God has called us to do, and not only those who are called to the ministry, but all of us in the church.

History tells us that Paul literally led his captives to Christ. They watched his life as well as his death. He was willing to die for something bigger than himself. If you’re living for Him, you’ll give your life away. Take it serious and don’t quit.


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