#fakenews sources

No doubt you’ve seen the headline somewhere that cites a “source” or “sources” to bolster some diabolical claim against Donald Trump.

Have you ever wondered who the sources are? Are they even real? Are they telling the truth? How do we know?

For example, I often imagine the following exchange taking place in some #fakenewsroom somewhere:

#fakenews “reporter” A to “reporter” B: “Do me a favor, will ya?”

#fakenews “reporter” B: “Sure. What’s up?”

#fakenews “reporter” A: “Say the following: ‘Trump tried to get Russian investigation buried.'”

#fakenews “reporter” B: “Trump tried to get Russian investigation buried.”

#fakenews “reporter” A types the following headline: “Source: Trump tried to get Russian investigation buried.”

Now I don’t know if that exchange has actually taken place, but I bet I’m not far off. Remember, the #fakenews media are made up exclusively of progressives, and what do progressives do? They lie. Some of them lie pathologically (the Clintons, for example, Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Crazy Bernie, etc.). It’s who they are and what they do. Remember back in 2012 when Dingy Harry Reid cited his imaginary friend who told him Romney didn’t pay his taxes? I’m convinced that these “sources” make things up out of thin air. Or, better yet, the “sources” cite things Democrats have actually done (Russian collusion, obstructing justice, not paying taxes) and then try to project those scandals/crimes onto Trump.

Either way, it is perfectly believable that #fakenews would conjure up fake sources, or real sources making up fake accusations.


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