Storms are storms

You have probably heard one climate change huckster or another — perhaps even masquerading as a “scientist” — claim that storms today are worse than they used to be. Don’t believe a word of it. There’s no way to prove one way or another how the storms of today stack up against storms in the past.

Let me explain this another way. If someone asked my, “Lefty, I want you to do some research and write a peer-reviewed paper comparing the storms of today with the storms of, say, 100 years ago,” I’d have no idea to go about it. I wouldn’t know where to begin, nor how to make any sort of comparison between the storms of different eras. There’s just no way to go about proving how the storms of today stack up against their predecessors.

So when you hear this claim, know that there’s no way to prove that storms are getting worse (or better, or the same). How do you compare them? What measure do you use? No one — and I mean not a single person, scientist, politician, no one — knows whether or not storms are getting worse. It’s simply another in a long string of scare tactics global warming shysters use to try to get the rest of us to acquiesce to their demands. Take my word for it.

If I had to wager, I’d say that storms in 2017 aren’t any different than the storms from any other era since we’ve been recording weather data. I can’t prove it, of course, but neither can anyone prove otherwise.


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