Saturday musings

Leftists seem content to turn themselves over to the evils of militant Islam without so much as a fight. Those of us who are determined to defend ourselves against these soulless thugs are labeled “Islamophobes.” In other words, those of us who resist the evils of radical Islamic jihadists are considered more evil than the ones doing the killing.

Despite what you might have heard in #fakenews, President Trump’s extended trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel & Europistan has been wildly successful. It may be the most successful foreign trip since President Reagan told Mr. Gorbachev to tear down this wall (30 years ago on June 12).

No doubt you’ve heard it said of someone of humble origins who has become successful, “He/she came from nothing.” I don’t know if this is true or not. You could make the argument that no one starts from nothing. You could also argue that we were all created from nothing. Either we all start with something or we were all created from nothing. I can’t quite figure out which it is.

My favorite of all the Old Testament prophets is Jeremiah, which I am reading right now. Jeremiah was quite forthcoming about his vulnerability and doubts, but he remained faithful to God through it all and became one of God’s most useful servants.


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