Fighting evil with hashtags

I don’t mean to seem callous in writing this. It’s not that I don’t care about the victims of radical Islamic jihadists. It’s that I care very much. And the only way you’re going to rid humanity of the evil that is militant Islam is to destroy it.

Every time the terrorists strike, we are outraged and saddened, and we want to do something. But what? Some of us are quick to blame the terrorists, correctly blame their evil ideology as the cause, and do the politically incorrect thing by pointing out that we’re going to have to destroy those people, lest more of us be destroyed.

But too many of us skirt around the obvious. We blame ourselves, or Western culture in general. We attempt to combat the evil by assuaging our guilty consciences — like it’s our fault for creating terrorists. We tweet hashtags like #istandwithmanchester. Or we change the color or our social media mugshot. Or we blame President Trump and other conservatives for daring to blame the terrorists and their godless ideology.

We refuse to acknowledge what is right in front of our faces. We actually sympathize with the terrorists. We argue that if we would just let more of them into our country and give them access to our resources, they’ll stop being so mean. We don’t understand that when you import the Third World, you become the Third World.

And then another terrorist attack occurs…


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