Quote du jour

From the first hour of today’s Rush Limbaugh Show:

See, I have a different narrative in the country here today, folks. My narrative is (and the facts support this narrative) American voters saved this country as we know it. My narrative is that Barack Obama is the one using intelligence agencies to spy on Americans. Barack Obama was the guy setting up back-channel communication links to the Iranians in order to do the prelude to a nuke deal that allows the Iranians to eventually have nuclear weapons. It was Barack Obama back channeling that. Barack Obama — even as a candidate — was doing such things.

Barack Obama was back channeling with Vladimir Putin via his foreign secretary at the time, Medvedev. Remember the old comment, the open mic? (paraphrased) “Hey, tell Vladimir to relax. I’ll have a little bit more flexibility after the election.” He was talking about reducing the American nuclear weapons arsenal. These are the kind of things that were destroying this country, not to mention the cultural rot that has been promoted, inspired, and amplified by the American left. This country was on the verge of being transformed away from its founding.



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