The gift of desperation (1 Samuel 1:1-19)

Samuel becomes one of the greatest, boldest prophets of God. We sometimes forget, however, that there are people behind the scenes who help these great individuals get where they are.

To the Jewish people, history never dies. There is no “old news.” God is always reminding these people where they’ve come from.

Hannah’s barrenness began her journey of brokenness. Elkanah, her husband, was a God-fearing man, and also a good family man. He favored Hannah more than his other wife, Peninnah.

But no man can serve two masters. He will end up loving one more than the other.

Sometimes God allows things in our lives that seem like a setback, but in reality they are a setup. If you’re not desperate for God now, hold on, because He will put you in a position where you are desperate for Him.

In this Middle Eastern mindset, a women who could not bear children was considered “less than,” and Hannah was derided by Peninnah.

Don’t let people knock out of you what God is trying to put in you.

If the enemy tries to cast doubt even on the Son of God, know he will definitely try to cast doubt on us.

Even as Hannah went up to the house of God, Peninnah tried to provoke her.

Hannah didn’t just want, but needed something desperately from God. Despite this, she never stopped being faithful to God. she kept going to the house of God. Even as her enemy whispered doubts in her ear, she kept going to the house of the Lord. We are told that Hannah wept and fasted.

Fasting is the most overlooked and also the most humbling and powerful spiritual tool we have at our disposal. There are some things we can never pray our way out of, but can achieve spiritual results by fasting.

The gift of desperation is such that we don’t really get the blessings of Hannah without the brokenness of Hannah. We have to get desperate for God.

Jesus was very passionate about the people He worked with, but was also very careful about whom He bore His soul to. The people who know you, know you.

Hannah was needing something more than what her husband could give her.

It’s strange how lonely a person can be who surrounds himself with people. If you walk with God, at some point you are going to get lonely. Christ was a lonely man. Even when no one is there to defend you, God will stand with you.

Crying and weeping are two different things. Hannah “wept sore.”

Hannah asked of God a child and vowed to dedicate that child to God. (Remember, it would be better not to make a vow to God than to make a vow to God and break it.)

When it comes to revival in America, the situation is desperate and the church is far from it.

Eli, the priest, watched Hannah’s mouth while she prayed. He thought she was drunk because he heard no words come from her mouth. Hannah answered, “No, my lord, I am a woman of a sorrowful spirit.” She had poured out her soul before the Lord.

When was the last time you poured out your soul to God? When was the last time you got desperate to the point that people thought you had lost your mind?

Hannah assured Eli she wasn’t drunk. She spoke of her grief.

She believed in her spirit that God had heard her prayer. She ate and her countenance was no longer sad. Her prayer had changed her whole outlook.

There is a process that leads to the power, and not the other way around. It is our pain and brokenness that leads to glory.

The Lord remember Hannah.

Sometimes the thing you pray for most is something you have to give back to God so something even greater can come your way.


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