Politics-free Saturday musings

The beauty of Apple Music is that you can stream just about anything. I like to listen to early jazz recordings, among many things. The swing-era tunes from the 1930’s (Duke Ellington, to name one) almost make me wish I could go back to a time when I wasn’t even alive and watch these musicians perform in person. I missed out on something special.

“Those who have much yearn for the purity of having little.”

Yesterday afternoon a co-worker texted me to tell me not to bring dinner to work. He was bringing stuff to make BLT’s. Great, I said. I’ll bring stuff to make strawberry shortcakes. It was a feast of indescribable luxury.

Even on a hot summer day, if there’s a good breeze I can still lie in my hammock in the shade and be perfectly comfortable.

Having been stationed in Naples, Italy for 2 1/2 years when I was in the Navy, I’m partial to Italian cooking. A common misconception is that Italian recipes are complex and spicy, and they can be, but the best ones tend to be simplest with a minimum of ingredients.

I’m currently reading “Goodbye Vietnam” by William Broyles. He actually fought in the war and later on wrote an account. I’ve learned more about Vietnam from that book than any other source.

There are so many parallels between Israel during the time of Jeremiah and the U.S. today that it’s spooky (rampant idolatry, child sacrifice, a divided nation, to name three).

A thousand dollars for a hockey game ticket? Really?

In 37 years of following the Philadelphia Phillies, this year’s team is shaping up to be the worst of them all.

If you’re thinking of using running as a means to lose weight, don’t bother. You might lose some weight initially, but you’ll have a hard time sustaining it. The best way to lose weight, for me, is to cut down on your calories. But in order to sustain frequent running you have to eat. There is no such thing as diet and running. You eat and you run. Over the years, my weight has remained very stable. If I wanted to lose several pounds, I’d have to use some other means.


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