Quote du jour

From today’s chock-full Rush Limbaugh Show:

They’re still in pursuit of what is called “a process crime,” the same thing that sent Martha Stewart to jail. I’ll tell you one other thing as you continue to watch this. You will note that during the question-and-answer period with all these senators, occasionally a question will be asked, and Comey will say, “Senator, I can’t address that in open session. Senator, I must reserve that for our closed session later today.”

I’ve seen every instance of that this morning, and I’m gonna tell you what I think. I think those answers provide further exoneration of Trump and his people, and that is why Comey does not want to provide those answers in public, because the answers to those questions — and mostly they’re coming from Democrats, some Republicans. But mostly they are questions to which the answers are helpful to Trump. So when Comey says, “I’m sorry, Senator. I really can’t address that in open session,” I want you to think that that’s probably the reason why.



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